Study Tools

Reading Strategies: 
• Have a dictionary (or a dictionary app) on hand
• Read preface/intro first
• Identify the supporting arguments (write it down!)
• Take notice of most important generalizations (write it down!)
• Stop frequently to assess your own understanding (write it down!)
• Make visual charts, diagrams, or timelines while you read to make sense of difficult concepts or chronology
• Identify the thesis (write it down!)

Note-Taking Strategies: 

Online Study Resources: 
  • Join my class on Quizlet:  Quizlet is an online flashcard application.  I've uploaded flashcard decks for each of our units of study.  Use these flashcards for vocab quizzes.      
  • Crash Course Government and Politics:  A YouTube Channel devoted to the study of American Government.  Videos are about 10 minutes long and each covers content from our course.  
  • Citizen U and Citizen U's YouTube Channel:  An online resource devoted entirely to AP US Government and Politics.  There are many 2 to 3 minute videos reviewing important concepts from the course.  They also publish videos related to testing strategy.    
  • Khan Academy:  A website that includes review videos and test practice.  You are likely familiar with the site's focus on SAT prep, but there are also sections devoted to AP US Government and 20th Century World History.

Other Resources:  

  • AP GOV STUDENTS!  Purchase an AP United States Government and Politics review book as soon as possible if you are able!  It is a good supplementary resource, whether or not you plan on taking the exam.  There are several titles available at book retailers such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Our library does have a few copies as well but you cannot write in the book or check it out for more than two weeks at a time.  Be sure to pick up a copy that is published for the revised exam (it should be published in 2018).

    Below are links to a few of the AP Gov review books for purchase on Amazon: