The Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment Timeline 2018-19
  1. Topic Selection – Fill out the initial topic request form by November 1st.  Choose a topic that fits within the parameters we discussed in class.  See this page if you need a review of the topic guidelines.    
  2. Peruse this site to learn more about what a historical essay will look like:  Historiographical Writing    
  3. Get organized!  You should pick up a single subject notebook for notetaking and a folder to collect handouts related to the IA.  In your Google Drive, you should create a folder specifically for electronic documents related to the IA.
  4. Pay attention in class to instruction related to effective "pre-searching."  Watch this video on how to develop search terms, and see the list of resource links below if you were absent on the day we discussed pre-search in class.
  5. Conduct pre-research to gain a general understanding of your topic and to acquire a set of keywords and potential sources for more in-depth research.  Submit your pre-search documents on Google Classroom on Monday, November 12th.   
  6. Review this page on notetaking:
  7. Visit Purdue's OWL page on Chicago Manual of Style citations.  
  8. Pay close attention to Mrs. Brown's presentation on November 20th to learn how to conduct in-depth research using library resources.
  9. Narrow topic and formulate a research question by class on November 27th.  The document, "Key Historical Concepts" below may help you develop an analytical approach to your question. 
  10. Fill out the Waldo Guest Pass form before November 26th if interested in checking out materials from WMU's Waldo Library. 
  11. Read the IB IA rubric and checklist (includes formatting and content guidelines for the IA.  Located in the folder below) by December 1st. 
  12. Conduct In-Depth Research in December
    1. Ms. Salisbury, Mrs. Brown, and possibly others will be at Waldo Library to assist students on Wednesday, December 5th
  13. Progress Check:  Week of 12/10/18.   
  14. Progress Check:  Week of 12/17/18
  15. Writing a rough first draft:  Wednesday (12/19), Thursday (12/20), and Friday (12/21)
  16. Polishing the first draft:  Monday (1/7), Tuesday (1/8), and Wednesday (1/9) 
  17. Polished Draft due Thursday, January 10th.  The first draft will count as 80% of your final exam. 
  18. Presentations of the IA will take place during the final exam period.  During presentations, students will provide feedback to their peers.  Your presentation and peer feedback assignment will count as the other 20% of the final exam.
  19. Individual conferences will take place following exams.  
  20. Final Draft – Staggered Due Date - Ms. Salisbury will give you a due date on the day of your IA Conference.  The final draft of this paper will count for 100 points of your 3rd quarter grade.  The final draft score will be based on 1) the marks you earn on the IB rubric and 2) the score you earn on the "improvement rubric" (see rubric in the folder below).

Where to go to find resources:  
  • Use the following to aid you in your source collection and bibliography development:  
      • Portage Central's Cyberlibrary 
      • Portage District Library 
        • Portage District Library Catalog and Subscription Databases - Use this resource for access to additional subscription databases and to see if Portage District Library has the books you are looking for.  
      • Western Michigan University's Waldo Library  
        • WMU Waldo Library Online Card Catalog - Search this catalog to see if Waldo Library has the books you are looking for. 
      • Google Scholar

Helpful Documents